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  • Palanga’s Sports Center –  non-formal education and formal education complementary school responsible for the sports education of children, students, youth, adults and sports veterans, that also has, manages and improves city sports facilities, mass-use areas, provides qualified sports services to the holiday-makers and conducts sports competitions in the sports facilities, the streets and on the beach of Palanga.


    History. In year 1977, the Complex Sports School of Children and Youth was opened near the “Žalgiris” council of Palanga city. Active groups of cycling and athletics. School directors - Stanislovas Kašinskas (1977-1983) and Romaldas Kazlauskas (1983-1991). In 1979, Children' and Youth Sports School of Palanga was founded, subordinate to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania. Active groups of volleyball, cycling (since 1983) and boxing (since 1984). School directors – V. Keženaitis (1978 – 1983) and Irena Švanienė (1983 – 1991). In 1991 on the 10th of January these two schools were merged together and were given the name of the Sports School for Children and Youth of Palanga. Since 1991 active groups of athletics, tennis and volleyball, since 1994 – active groups boxing and football and active groups of basketball since 1997. 1992 – 1991 active sections of horse competitions, swimming, and chess. In 2009 on the 12th of November the name of the Sports school of Palanga was changed to Palanga‘s Sports Center by the decision of Palanga City Municipal Council.

    Famous athletes. Boxing: Mantas Tarvydas – 2003 European Junior Championship (weight category up to 69 kg) Ⅲ place, World Junior Championship - Ⅱ place, 2005 European Youth up to 20 years Championship (weight category up to 75 kg) Ⅲ place, Aleksas Baronas – 2009 European Student Championship (weight category up to 69 kg) Ⅲ place, coach Saulius Simė. Basketball: Renaldas Seibutis – 2005 European Youth up to 20 years Championship Ⅱ place, World Youth up to 21 years Championship Ⅰ place, the most beneficial player of the Championship, 2010 World Men Championship Ⅲ place, coach Regimantas Juška, Gintarė Mažionytė – 2008 European Junior champion, coach Daiva Mažionienė. Athletics: Tomas Intas (javelin throwing) – 1999 European Youth up to 20 years champion, 6 times champion of Lithuania (2001-2007, 2009), 2004 Lithuanian record holder – 82m, 94m, coach Romaldas Kazlauskas, Sabina Banytė (discus throwing) – 2005 World Junior Championship, Ⅶ place, coach I. Apanavičiūtė.